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About Self Defense Products

Safety is vital everywhere. Since the early time of man, different means have been used to offer protection. One protects himself from animals and even humans. However, there are people who have a reservation on carrying self-defense products. They believe that these products are carried by those who go to look for trouble. In other words, there is no need of carrying such products if you are a peaceful person. This belief cannot be further from the truth.

Safety has no restrictions. Actually, when danger strikes, each person must have a means by which they can protect themselves. Nevertheless, the terms of the self-defense products are subject to the prevailing laws of the country or state. The outcome of the self-defense products will depend on their purpose and the way they are used.

For starters, there are self-defense products that fall on the lethal side. These include knives, handguns, shotguns, rifles and so on. However, you should not restrict your thoughts to these only. Any product can be termed as lethal depending on the usage. Take a frying pan for example, even though it seems harmless, it can injure a person fatally. To possesses any form of lethal self-defense products, a legal permit is necessary.

The next group constitutes the less lethal self-defense products. Take for instance the batons that regular uniform police carry. Batons are made of fiberglass, wood, steel and even aluminum. Damage will be inflicted to whoever is on the receiving end of the baton. However, there are rarely fatalities reported. These have been designed with a rubber handle for ease in gripping.

Finally, we have the non-lethal self-defense products. These, being legal and easy to acquire, are probably the most popular. These include personal safety alarms, stun devices and pepper sprays. Nevertheless, there are still other countries that have restrictions on some of them. Pepper sprays are the most popular followed by the stuns.

Stun guns are illegal to carry in other states, the same applying to Taser. Police officers, when subduing without using lethal force, turn to these self-defense products. Women are the most encouraged to carry pepper sprays everywhere they go for their protection.

In general, the non-lethal self-defense products are the most campaigned for. These are not only easy to use but affordable as well. However, stuns might be pricey. Unlike the knife, these non-lethal self-defense products give you space so that you are not in contact with the attacker. Keep in mind that you are not looking for a struggle, but a chance to get away.

When choosing a self-defense product, it is important that you be comfortable to use it. You can choose a self-defense product and get trained on how to use it, or just select one that you are familiar with.

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Study: My Understanding of Gear